Email Server Certificate Updates

To ensure the security of our email system, we have updated all secure certificates across all of our mail clusters. This was a planned update every two years, and there no current security threats.

The full details of the updated certificate, including fingerprints, can be viewed before and after accepting the certificate. In Mac Mail, for example, when the message appears saying it could not verify the certificate, selecting "Show Certificate" will display all the details. Viewing the certificate details should be possible from any email client.

Mac Mail users: You may see "Mail can’t verify the identity of the server" with the options to "Show Certificate" or "Continue". It may take 2-3 tries with the Continue button for it to be accepted. Select "Show Certificate", and there are "Trust" options there to accept the cert. If it still cannot connect after these attempts, please use your mail cluster for the Mail Server name on your account (ex:

iPhone users: CAUTION: if your address is set up to use POP rather than IMAP, removing the address from your device will also remove any email downloaded under it to the device. Set up the email account like new (try editing account instead for POP), via Settings > Mail > Accounts > Add Account. It will show the message "Cannot Verify Server Identity" -- Click "Continue" or "Details" below that message, followed by "Trust" in the top-right corner. Similar to the suggestion above, you may need to repeat this process 2-3 times to take effect permanently. You can also use your mail cluster for the server/host name with this setup, for a higher rate of success with trusting the renewed certificate.

Please click here if there is no "Continue" and "Trust" options with your iOS devices.