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How to import my existing database if not via the WCP?

Import MySQL with the following instructions:
1)  Log in to CS Center and retrieve the database login information. 

2)  Use ftp upload your SQL file to web server such as wcpdemo01.sql with your FTP login information

3)  In DOS mode, type "telnet YourHostingIP" (ex: telnet and then login with your FTP login  information. You can get your YourHostingIP by ping
If your account has not yet transferred to Communilink, your IP will be your  FTP IP which has been emailed to you once account setup.
4)  Type mysql -p wcpdemo01 < /home/wcpdemo/wcpdemo01.sql

5)  Enter your mySQL password

6)  The database will be successfully imported.


wcpdemo01 is your database name

wcpdemo is your FTP username

wcpdemo01.sql is your existing SQL file